I think Community is very important.  I grew up in Eugene Oregon, a not small college town, in a neighborhood adjacent to the University of Oregon campus and worked just blocks away in the downtown district.  I remember going to the Saturday Market as  kid and seeing all of the handcrafted arts, local musicians and entertainers and of course the food.   A true “Farmers Market” long before today’s version. A wonderful sense of community permeated my upbringing.

Fast forward though a decade of living in Santa Barbara, California, another “small town” with a great sense of community, and a five year stint in Houston, TX and I find myself in Orange County, CA.  The home of the “Master Planned Community” that has no real feeling of community at all.  Suburban car life, with no “downtown” or “main street”.  There are pockets of such areas, but not near me on the edge of Irvine.  I diverge….

In the last 2+ years I spent over 100 days volunteering at a nearby Boy Scout camp teaching fishing and archery to kids, both young and old, and working to build the Campmaster Corp of volunteers in order to support the 5,000 plus campers we serve each year.  That season of life is over and I am now embarking on an adventure with the SQL Community.  I have been active in user groups over the years having founded an OnBase user group and co-led a SharePoint user group for many years.  I am now active in my local PASS chapter and host our monthly meeting at my workplace.  I recently had my first SQL Saturday presentation, have 2 more coming up later this month and hope to present at Summit one day soon.  I really enjoy teaching, sharing experiences and learning from others.  I am excited about being an active participant in the SQL Community and very excited and honored to be a part of the Brent Ozar Unlimited FreeCon at this year’s Summit. We can do so much more as a group than we can on our own.

I’ve been thinking of starting a blog for some time and I must give credit to Steve Jones and his #SQLNewBlogger post for being the final straw to make it happen.  Cheers Steve!

I am passionate about fishing, family, music and SQL.  I can’t get enough of any of those. Unfortunately for SQL I can get fishing, family and music all in one event.  However if I can get a line wet in Seattle I just may get all of them in one trip with my new #SQLFamily.  I expect there will be a variety of post on this blog over the years, but the main focus will be SQL.

Please keep coming back to my blog, leave me some comments and encourage me to keep writing.



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4 Responses to Community

  1. LeAnn says:

    Is the presentation posted somewhere so I can download it. There are several things that I would like to implement.

    • fishheadted says:

      I can’t post my slides as they aren’t sanitized. I promise I will have a some blog posts coming on the pieces of my presentations. Please check back soon and get on me if you don’t see the posts.


      • Denise Jossy says:

        Any updates on posting your “Perfect Report Footer” so we can download it? I attended the Portland SQL Saturday and I am very excited to implement some of your suggestions.

  2. UB says:

    Some of this I, a non-tech person, is over my head – but the author’s comments and reader responses are interesting.

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